Technical oriented, environment friendly green PCB as developing strategy
BoardTek uphold the development of advanced process technology and production equipment investment BoardTek, continuously improve quality management system, provide satisfactory service, focus on "High Speed", "High Frequency", and "High Power consumption" production technology for advanced products
BoardTek started developing metal reclamation, Cu Oxide Powder, and water collection to reach real "Reduce", "Re-use", and "Recycle" energy saving and waste reducing green process, provide real green products matches environment sense, contributes to the resource protection of the global earth.
Complete quality, environment, safety, risk management
BoardTek establishes complete quality management system, environment, safety, health management system, and earned international recognized certification

1993 ISO9002, IECQ, and TL9000 certified
1999 ISO14001 certified
2001 ISO9001 and TL9000 certified
2008 TS16949 and QC 080000 certified
2011 Successfully upgrade the Management system complied with CoC (Code of Conduct) and
BCM (Business Continuity Management).

BoardTek Electronics Corporation, founded by YFY Group ( in June 1987, with investment NTD 125 millions setting facility in Guan Yin Industrial Park, Tao Yuan. In October 1988, BoardTek officially started to produce double-sided and multi-layer PCBs. After years of efforts, BoardTek has received numerous international quality certifications with its continuous progress in increasing its product and quality level. Now, Boardtek is a public held corporation with 1,800 employees and capitals over NTD $2 billions. BoardTek's annual sales revenue in the year of 2019 reached NTD 7.4 billions (around USD 242 million). BoardTek has been serving and building a long-term partnership with many world-famous customers by providing its primary products such as high end server and base station, IC Substrate, automotive radar…….etc. In the future, BoardTek will continue to improve and provide the best services to reach the goal of earning customer satisfaction and growing with customers.